Audio batch processor REVISION is a relatively new product in the industry that has been released just last year. It had a different name previously but it seems that the company decided to completely rebrand the product and release it for a different market with a new design and features. Revision is available now for €95.99. If you want, you can download it for free and try it on your computer for 14-days. Actually, make sure you absolutely do that because the trial version has no limited functionality.

bigstock-Best-price-rubber-stamp-17459288The first thing about the interface we must mention is that it is fully customizable. Add, remove and expand windows as you please and which with Revision’s drag&drop UI is so easy. The keyboard commands are also fully customizable and if you prefer, sharable. One of our favorite features of Revision software is the Workflow. Will a smoothly working notification center you can select the task you want Revision to perform, launch it and follow and the software executes the tasks of the Workflow one by one in the background while you can sit back and relax.

If you are using an audio batch processor for the first time, you will likely need some help. Not to worry, there is plenty. The user’s manual and frequently asked questions should be your first stop in getting to know the software. Take your time, familiarize with the features and the interface. If there is still something you feel you don’t know, there is also an active community forum where you will find plenty of fellow music creators and be able to ask questions, ask for support and meet the developers. And of course, if you want to contact the developers personal and ask them about Revision software, you can do so by filling out a quick form on their website and the support will contact you within 24 hours.

All in all, Revision is amazing. It may as well be downright perfect. It’s worth every penny you invested because in the end, it will make your work so much easier and save you hundreds of hours. Not only it is easy to use, very responsive and in you prefer, you could use their mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The support you get is fantastic, so even if there is something you don’t know how to do, the resources, articles and the community will help you figure it out without breaking a sweat.