AUM – Audio Mixer on the App Store

AUM was developed by Jonatan Liljedahl’s Kymatica in 2006. It’s an easy-to-use audio mixer that is also incredibly powerful. For example, some of the distinctive features of AUM include high quality audio (up to 32-but 96 kHz), an unlimited number of channels and effect slots, support of multi-channel audio interfaces, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App audio and Audiobus and much more.

Even though AUM has a very intuitive user interface, in the end it is an audio mixer. Which means there are plenty of bits and bobs to work with. To learn how the program works and in order to utilize it fully, you will need some time to get used to the program. Start with the Frequently Asked Questions on their website where you will learn the basics. For more advanced functions, you will have to read the manual that is available on the app as well as online at . It will walk you though every button, every feature and function that AUM already has or can have with the help of external apps, programs and devices,
A great advantage AUM has over similar programs is the built-in MIDI keyword. You can use it to play notes by tapping the keyboard symbol on the bottom left corner. The keyboard can be routed to virtually anything, hosted by nodes and plugins as well as virtual ports of other apps and more. In fact, we personally found the MIDI keyboard the easiest way to create music and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate MIDI keyboard.

And one of the features that no modern program should go w0ithout. If you guessed ‘a mobile app’, you are absolutely right. AUM is available on iPad, iPhone and iPad touch, so you can also create and edit your music on the go. It is now available on the iTunes store for 18.99.

Lastly, the support. Make sure to visit website for all the support related issues and news while if you want to see AUM in action right now, Kymatica has recently uploaded a YouTube video showing you how AUM works as well as a ModStep Demo. Another reason to visit the developer’s website is the forum where you can ask questions, request fixes and new features. The forum is nicely segmented and is really active, so you can expect help and feedback not only from the developers, but also other users.