Still-life is a sophisticated multitrack recording software that supports Windows as well as Mac-based operating systems. It’s not the cheapest compared to other recording software in the industry. However, we do recommend utilizing its 30-day trial before you buy. You get full functionality except cloud service and sharing, so use that time to find out everything you can about the program and whether it’s something that you like.

First and foremost, it is an audio recording and editing software. The recording part is pretty self-explanatory. You have 16 channels available to you with several customizable options. Now, the editing part is what makes Still-life a truly outstanding piece of software. Easy to use drag and drop user interface, fully customizable tabs and buttons, resizable windows – you get all of it. And in addition, there is a range of effects that you can use for free. The library is constantly updated with new effects from the developers and the users.

Make sure to also download Still-life for your Android and iOS mobile device. Even though these are lite versions of the actual program, they are free to use. Maybe you won’t be able to use all of the same functions as the desktop program versions offer, you can think of these mobile apps as a way to practice and grab ideas on the go.

Support in audio software is just as important as in every other service. Maybe even more because there is a lot to learn and get used to, even if you’re are advanced user. The good news is that Still-life has got it covered as well as it can get. First up, you get a video series consisting of 18 parts each going through different aspects of the software from starting out to recording, editing, utilizing a cloud-based service and sharing your work.

Also, there is an active forum, plenty of resources, a user manual – all to help you familiarize with the software and fully utilize its features. By the way, even though the community forum has a large section dedicated to Still-life, there is plenty for you to see and learn about other apps and programs that could enhance using Still-life even more.

All in all, if you are looking for a recording and editing software, don’t look back. Investing in Still-life will certainly be a decision you won’t live to regret. Not only has the program received a lot of praise from the users, this year Still-life is also up for an award as the industry leader in its class.