Where do we start talking about P-vision? Maybe we should start as simple as they resent themselves by saying “we sell screens”. Because they do just that. Whatever screen-related problem you might have, they have a solution. And if they don’t, we can bet they can come up with one fairly quickly.

Naturally, saying that P-vision specializes in screens is not enough. Let’s elaborate. P-vision’s range of services and products is pretty wide offering outdoor screen solutions, LED screens, Modular LED screens, Video wall processors and mounting solutions from wall mounts to video wall brackets and custom solutions.

The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. P-vision first started out in 2003 offering a single product. Now, as you can see yourself, the company has significantly grown into one of the industry’s giants covering a wide range of services. Some of their latest products like BrightSign 4K, Vertical Poster Display for Outdoors and an Interactive Whiteboard Display have all received fantastic feedback which only means one thing. The company is headed towards the right direction and they are definitely here to stay for a long time.


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