When you are looking for quality software, you are likely to ask your friends about it or run a search online. There are many options to choose from to fit your wallet and offer you the technical features you need. As a musician, you probably have lots of instruments, amplifiers, computer programs. Where does MIDIclock come in? Think of it as a tool, that brings everything together.

MIDIclock by E-RM Erfindungsburo is a piece of software that you can use to sync all of your MIDI devices. It’s been around for a 15 years now and even though this software looks rather basic, it’s widely customizable to provide you with everything you might need when it comes to bringing your MIDI devices together.

MIDIclock 4.xx

There are several great advantages to using MIDIclock. First of all, they have been developing this tool since 2002 and due to their experience and feedback from the customers, it’s now as good as it can get. Secondly, it is completely free to use. You are of course welcome to make a donation to the developers to help support the software but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. However, to get a licensed copy of their latest MIDIclock 4.xx release, you will have to make a donation of 20 euros or 25 US dollars though the software (evaluation -> MIDIclock registered). In that case you will receive your license code through email.

Thirdly, the software itself is brilliant. For someone who hasn’t used this kind of software before, it’s very easy to get started. All you need is select MIDI input and output ports and choose the rate of Beats per Minute (BPM). BPR can also be changed through the customizable MIDI outputs.

Lastly, if you want to dig deeper into the software and make it fully work for you, the developers have prepared several tips and tricks to help you utilize MIDIclock. They have also prepared manuals for 34 supported devices and there is also a blog where you can follow the latest news from the developers.

All in all, MIDIclock is not the only piece of software that does sync all your devices together but based on our own experience and the feedback from other MIDIclock users, we think that it’s fairly safe to say that MIDIclock is among the best you can get right now and use for free.