iMidi-Patchbay1-150x150iMIDI Patchbay may sound like a 3-tier line of fake Apple products but it can’t be further from the truth. Here we will take a quick look at what iMIDI Patchbay does and how many musicians can find it a real lifesaver. If you do use a keyboard a lot in creating music, iMIDI Patchbay can certainly make some of your tasks much easier. And even on not-so-cheap cost of $54.99 that it is currently sold on iTunes store, it gets the job done.

So, what is iMIDI Patchbay? It is a piece of software for iOS devices developed by Johannes Dorr. It has been in development since 2007 and recently an iPad app was also released. In a lot of ways, you use iMIDI Patchbay to bring all of your MIDI devices together with the help of a keyboard. It is especially useful when you have a larger setup with multiple keyboards and sound expanders. The main task that iMIDI Patchbay specializes in is creating split and layer configurations. It does that by utilizing your keyboard which it divides in up to 3 zones, LO, UP and HI.

But iMIDI is more than just a piece of software. It’s incredibly intuitive as well as powerful. iMIDI Patchbay includes features such as easy creation of split and layer configurations, transposing sounds in octave steps, filter controller data, etc. It’s fully compatible with a wide array of hardware and ‘talks’ with your devices easily and in a lot of ways from simple tasks like sending volume changes to sending program changes. Not to mention, all of your configurations can be quickly saved as programs to be used later. Like we said, the user interface is very intuitive and well optimized for live usage.


Support from iMIDI is fantastic. For starters, they have lots of free stuff they are giving away like free loops. Currently there is a 40+ loop library that you can download to your device. They also gave a guide and YouTube videos befitting beginners and advanced electronic musicians. These resources will walk you through every step of how to start and gradually get better at using the iMIDI software. Last but not least, asking for help. There is no forum on the site but if you have questions, you can contact Johannes from iMIDI personally and ask everything you need to know.