Still Life 2.2.5


Still Life is a stand-alone application that enables users to pan and zoom over digital images and thereby produce a video for use in iMovie, iDVD or any other multimedia project. The program goes way beyond the built-in Ken Burns Effect of iMovie 3 by allowing users to take multiple “shots” of an image, pan along a curve and rotate the “camera” if needed. Now with the OpenGL high quality rendering Still Life rivals applications costing hundreds of dollars. Still Life is also fully compatible with iMovie 2.

Much requested new feature in 2.2.5: Reconnect missing images back to the project.

Bug fixes in 2.2.5 include:

  • Disabled the error dialog for regular users.

Bug fixes in 2.2.4 include:

  • Switched shot distortion key to “Option” to avoid conflict with context menu.
  • Fixed a crashing bug with QuickTime export on dual processor machines.
  • Fixed a QuickTime export bug that prevented a valid movie from being created.
  • Fixed NTSC DV and iMovie Export bug via AppleScript.
  • Fixed handling of CMYK images in new OpenGL Previewer/Renderer.
  • Fixed handling of images with 16 bits per pixel component in new OpenGL Previewer/Renderer.

New features in 2.2 include:

  • Dramatically improved OpenGL export quality – now better than Quartz high quality
  • True cross-dissolve between scenes (when fades are activated)
  • AppleScript Support
  • User watermarking
  • TV Safe area display
  • Many usability enhancements

AppleScript support allows you to customize Still Life by adding features that are not available through the graphical interface and for professional users it allows you integrate Still Life in your workflow by automating the process of creating projects and scheduling exports to happen at night.

The watermarking feature allows you to either label the individual images with their filenames or label the entire video with a line of custom text.

Usability enhancements include:

  • Configurable screensaver formatter
  • Context menu for editing shots
  • Scrollwheel mouse support for easy resizing and rotation
  • Adjustable hold/move slider limit
  • Improved memory usage
  • Improved OpenGL implementation for better compatibility and resolution.

Download a copy today and give it a try. The download includes a variety of demo projects that enable you to get a feel for the new features right away. Or check out our new Gallery with QuickTime movies of user and the demo projects.

Still Life is only USD $24.95.