Peripheral Vision 1.6.3


Keep an eye (or an ear) on your digital hub.

Plug and play is a great concept, but when it doesn’t work or something becomes accidentally unplugged it can be frustrating to find out about it only when you try to use the device – often with a cryptic error message.

Peripheral Vision helps you keep tabs on your wayward devices by popping up a window indicating the type and name of the device and whether it’s coming or going. It even keeps track of your network link status – very useful when you’re using Airport.

Version 1.6 adds support for file volumes which makes it much easier to automate actions with FireWire drives and provides a simplified Preference Pane layout among other improvements.

Registered users can make an application launch when a particular peripheral is connected (just like iTunes with iPod), run an AppleScript or a Unix script.

Working under the desk? Can’t see the display? Registered users can get Peripheral Vision to tell them what’s been connected or disconnected by activating the new speech feature.

Don’t like the cryptic name of a peripheral? Rename it to something more friendly with the new Naming facility.

Bug fixes in 1.6.3:

  • Fixed Jaguar serial number data entry bug.
  • Fixed Login Item checkbox box.

Registered users can also choose the particular combination of notifications and adjust the color scheme of the visual display.

Peripheral Vision runs on Mac OS X 10.1 (or higher) and supports USB, FireWire and Bluetooth (10.2 only) devices.

Registration is only USD $6.95.